Sarah Marr

Sarah Marr

Teaching at the Perthshire and Edinburgh Academies

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As long as I can remember I've loved make-up, nail polish, beauty products and treatments, this led me to my HND beauty Therapy course after I left school.  I worked for years in a salon in my local village and it was there I discovered my passion for nails. So after I had my children I decided to do some research on nail courses and trawled through pages of info on and by luck came across the fingertips centre in Edinburgh. 

When I did my first class with CND in 2010 I could feel the passion exuding from the educators and how much they truly loved the brand, I feel that this is key when educating.  Your students need to know you really love the products and CND make this so easy for us by providing new innovations all the time.   I loved the education and products so much that I did all the courses, culminating in my Grand Master status in 2012. 

5 years after that very first class I became and Education Ambassador for CND (best job EVER!) and I also have my own salon in Dunkeld. 

I love meeting people from all different walks of life and varying skill levels, to be able to pass on my passion for this amazing brand and help them build their skill levels and exceed their own expectations.

We never stop learning, it is vital to keep current in this ever changing industry. 


Nimue Core Education

Taught at the Dublin academy.

Nimue Skin Technology is a derma-cosmeceutical brand dedicated to the Skin Care professional. Nimue is globally recognized as a pioneering brand that constantly delivers exceptional results.