Lee Belcher

Lee Belcher

Teaching at the Academy

Kevin Murphy Color Me

Lee started his hairdressing career a little later after a change of direction,. He was fortunate to be a pro footballer but suffered an injury so had to change career path and choose the artistic route.., with a passion for making people feel good and change, he chose a course in wig making and soon realised his love of hair, he realised to get his dream was to move to London and train there to the best he can be, he worked at many high profile salons and qualified, he had his dads drive and so by 21 he opened his own salon and opened a further 4 salons and employed over 40 staff across the sites, his main desire was to give people a platform that grow. He developed a brand with the word house of.... and branches into other areas to use this. 

He soon realised he wanted more and to give back, so he was fortunate enough to be involved in art teams and won many industry awards which gained him to represent brands doing education.

He loved showing people that were like minded like him and making them feel inspired.


‘My passion is to see someone progress, I deal with people of all abilities and my one thing that makes me tick is to see someone smile and learn just one thing. We always learn everyday and if I can help then that’s my job done’


He made a huge decision and sell his salon and work for a large corporate company as their regional educator. Loved working there and soon realised his passion was education, he still had that hunger to help salons drive salons with his commercial background so did well and won educator of the year. Lee being lee he wanted the next step and decided to step across to an exciting new brand.


Where he met Kevin Murphy.. he found his home and roots, a brand that stands for many different things and has a platform to grow. 


Lee has progressed enormously with this brand and his knowledge of colour is second to none, he is the go to person to cocktail a colour to suit you. His blend and choices of techniques make him a real colour force. He has also been given the title of a cutting master for the uk and relished this chance, he loves structure and this programme has that and has had amazing feedback on his classes.


Being able to create session salon inspired looks also has really made lee love this side of industry. 

He use to do many photo shots and been on tour with girl bands and pop stars in his career and has now fallen in love with doing this again, and regularly does shoots now, thanks to Kevin Murphy and the session salon programme.. 


If you want lee to come to your salon and inspire you in all ways then he is your go to. 


He still works in a salon on a Saturday so understands what it’s like to work a Column and the ever changing clients demands we face. 




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