Kevin Murphy Color Me

My Hair styling career started  14 years ago in South Africa, where I am from, and has taken me all the way here to the UK. In this time I have also been a salon owner with my husband and super lucky to have been given the opportunity to work for a brand that has been life changing for me.

I was a Kevin Murphy Key in South Africa and educated for about 2 and a half years there and then we moved to the UK and I have been fortunate enough to first work as a Freelancer and then permanently on the UK team as a Platinum Key Educator.


Kevin Murphy the brand changed my whole way of thinking, not just as a hairstylist but in my everyday life. I am so passionate about this brand and love everything it stands for.. Environment, Animal Cruelty Free, Fashion and products that Preform! Being part of the KM family in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world is so unbelievably exciting and inspiring, I still cant believe I am part of something so special. Working on Fashion Weeks is like a dream come true for me, I bring as much as I can back from those experiences and put it into  Session Salon, Braid Me, I.Doo and of course educating in our wonderful salons. It has been fantastic to learn from our Kevin Murphy Style and Color.Me Masters, the other KM educators in Europe and of course the many stylists I meet here in the UK!

There is a Kevin Murphy saying that is so moving for me as an educator … Never above you, Never Below you ..Always right next to you..  


Taught at the KM Sales Force - Education academy.

An advanced class offering in-depth knowledge from initial consultation to colour correction.


Taught at the KM Sales Force - Education academy.

An Introduction to the Fundamentals of Kevin.Murphy Color.Me


Taught at the KM Sales Force - Education academy.

For colourists that want to learn the fundamentals of professional foiling services.


Taught at the KM Sales Force - Education academy.

This essential colour class explores in-depth knowledge of toning and refining on all depths of hair. You will learn how to pick a toner that achieves your desired end result plus attaining better durability for your client. Designed to further your technical skills, address challenges and deliver the best toning results possible back in the salon. You will learn the importance of creating the perfect canvas, choosing a shade versus a toner, consultation and of course tips on counteracting unwanted tones. Let REFINE.ME transform you into a master of toning!


Taught at the KM Seventy Seven Studios academy.

Experience the colour and performance of COLOR.ME through an informative and interactive session conducted in the salon by the hair colorist on live models with assistance from a KEVIN.MURPHY Educator. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: Salons interested in l...