Aimee Wynne

Aimee Wynne

Teaching at the West Sussex Academy

wax:one LashUS Light Elegance


For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed painting nails with my mum. As I grew older I would change the look of my nails as often as I could, and regularly people would comment, “another new colour today, Aimee?”

Having no idea what I wanted to do when I left school, I enrolled in college and then followed in my parents’ footsteps into finance. It was there I found a love for helping people, whether it be a colleague, a client or a customer.

It was during my time at Barclays that I found Gel Polish. This took my passion for nails to another level and I soon realised how special you could make people feel by taking the time to give them a manicure.


I did some research and found Sweet Squared and their award winning education.

My CND Brisa Gel Beginners was facilitated by fellow Education Ambassador Amanda Gould, who offered me a position in her salon, which I will forever be grateful for. I have since gone on to complete CND Shellac, CND Liquid and Powder, Wax:One Beginners and Intimate waxing courses, Lecente nail art and LASHUS course. I feel humbled to have grown a regular clientele who love all of these treatments as much as me.

Now I feel I want to give back; to help others take that big career change, expand their treatment portfolio or refresh their knowledge. I am passionate about helping others achieve their goals and feel that becoming a Sweet Squared Education Ambassador is the best of both worlds for me - it is something that I am extremely lucky to be a part of.

I feel education is the most important part of our journey. We attend classes to learn particular skills but along the way we meet and speak to fellow students and learn something we didn’t know we needed to. These are the classes I aim to run. One that students leave feeling inspired, passionate and excited about but most of all, knowledgeable and confident to take their next steps.

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