Anna Lee

Anna Lee

Teaching at the London Academy

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Anna... initially enrolled onto a part time manicure and pedicure course at her local college to 'find something to do'. Never for a second did she ever think that 12 years later, not only had she been selected to be a part of the prestigious team of Education Ambassadors for CND; but also in the first year, to receive a special recognition 'Services to the nail professional' award from Sweet Squared to encourage her work for the industry. 

Teaching was something that she have always enjoyed but never considered as a profession until she joined CND. While at university, she spent a large proportion of her time helping students from overseas who had difficulties in understanding lectures because of the language barrier. It was always rewarding for her to know that she have helped these students and watch them achieve their satisfactory grades. she feels lucky that, after so many years, she am able to once again continue what she enjoyed the most. 

One of the main focus of her work as a CND Ambassador is to connect and encourage the SEA (South East Asian) nail community in the UK. She hopes to help this particular community to battle prejudice and misconceptions by providing them with support and education. Her vision is about breaking down cultural barriers in hopes that one day, the talented SEA nail techs here in the UK will be accepted and recognised as they deserved.

In 2014, she was honoured the 'The Tom Holcomb Shooting Star Award' at the Scratch Awards for her contribution to the nail industry and in 2015 and 2018, she took home the 'UK Educator of Year' and the 'Services to the Nail Industry' awards. All 3 awards celebrates Anna's acheivement supporting students in their journey to become beauty industry professionals.

"Being a CND Ambassador is not just about how brilliant we are at creating a set of immaculate nails. For me, it is more about how I can share my knowledge and skills to give the best and most correct guidance so my students are able to create an excellent set of nails. It is about helping my students to chase their dreams, better themselves and change their lives."

Award winning education create great nail technicians. Award winning products create great businesses.


Anna Lee

CND Education Ambassador
LASHUS Educator 

07888 684 882 

Scratch Stars Award 2018 – Services to the Nail industry.

Scratch Stars Award 2015 - Educator of the Year. 

Scratch Stars Award 2014 - The Tom Holcomb Shooting star Award. 

Square Awards 2012 - Outstanding Services to the UK Nail Professionals. 


Creative Academy London

0208 208 2668

Facebook: CreativeAcademyLondon

Instagram: CNDLondon

Instagram: annaleecnd





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