Leanne Law

Leanne Law

Teaching at the Inverness Academy

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Leanne…started her interest in nails whilst regularly having her nails done from the age of 15. The thought of doing nails or beauty as a career never crossed her mind as she went on to study her business management degree. To make some extra money while studying she took up a part time job in a salon supplies shop. This is where she started to discover her true passion in life - beauty and especially nails. 

Looking for a private course as she did not want to attend 3 years in college studying beauty she discovered CND. Leanne stepped into her first class in Edinburgh in 2008 and was absolutely hooked. From there she attended every possible class she could. Her dedication came through when she regularly took the 300 mile drive to attend one day classes then returning home that evening. Leanne then started a small salon growing it bigger to needing bigger premises with 6 staff members. After going as high as she could through education she was asked to become a CND EA in 2011. This was her ultimate unimaginable career goal. 

“I feel education is vital as it lights a fire in your belly. I remember being in my first CND class and being very excited about what was next and I immediately had a thirst for learning. 

The best thing about CND products is that the products do what they say. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and being able to perform perfect sets of nails time after time whilst looking after the health of the natural nail is very important to me. I also love product chemistry and I am a bit of a nail geek. I love being able to tell clients or students exactly what is in the products and where they are made.

I love teaching students and giving them the a-ha lightbulb moment. Having students that think..no i couldn't do nails because I'm not naturally artistic and teaching them tools to be able to create perfect nails time after time. I also love giving students the knowledge to be confident about speaking about their nail services and educating their clients to what is best for the natural nail. As I also run my salon I can relate to students with clients as I still work in the Salon full time as well as teaching classes.

Being part of CND is not just a nail course - you are joining an innovative creative family. CND are truly the innovators and leaders in the industry. By having your CND education it opens up a whole host of opportunities to you. From Fashion week to the olympics. Start your journey now! Imagine waking up every day and loving your job.. 7 years later and this is still the case.

By being a bit of a perfectionist and wanting the best brands in the industry to prevail I now also teach all Waxperts and moroccan tan classes. The north of Scotland is no longer in the dark ages!"

Leanne is up in the Highlands of Scotland based in Inverness but can also travel around the north of Scotland.

Creative Academy Inverness

Within Sweet Treats Salon

3 Woodside Village



01463 796888

"Education the mind without educating the heart is no education at all" - aristotle

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