Nataliya Al-Ta'ai

Nataliya Al-Ta'ai

Teaching at the Glasgow and Edinburgh Academies

CND Shellac CND Full Systems Team CND Lecente

My nail passion path started 16 years ago, when I visited a CND shop in Kiev, Ukraine. I wanted everything, but wasn't qualified to buy anything. There was a thought!

Qualified Masters in Finance, with passion for beuty, I decided to change my life. I have qualified in beauty therapy and aromatherapy at Mary Reid International School of Beauty in Edinburgh.  

My enthusiasm searching for the best brand made me try out many, attending every available training sessions and workshops. It didn't take long to find the perfect one - CND.  

Thrilled to the ends of my fingers, when the Fingertips Centre opened up in Edinburgh and brought my favorite brand even closer. And it was really where my career started. Mentored by Fiona Wallace and Wee Fee I felt like a part of the family from the moment I walked in. 

I have attended every S2 Event and it made me want even more, I wanted to be a member of the family. 

I was crowned Brisa Professional of the year at Sweet Squared in 2010.

When the opportunity came up I attended the CND bootcamp in 2011 and the dream came true, I became a part of an amazing family. Yeah! 

Same month I was awarded Gold PHAB Standard which made 2011 the best year! In 2013 I have attended full systems CND Bootcamp in San Diego, California. Graduated with the flying colours, Bold personality award and Best Nail Style award. Came back ignited with even more passion for education and was awarded CND Shellac Ambassador of the year by Sweet Squared. Less than a year later I was privileged to become a member of Global Team CND. Now I have the power to travel the world and spread the love and respect, ignite the hearts of others with passion for beauty, excellence and professionalism.

Never stop dreaming, your passion will light up your path to your dreams! Everything is possible! One step at a time!

See you in class! ;)


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Taught at the Edinburgh academy.

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