Kate Taylor

Kate Taylor

Teaching at the Cheltenham Academy

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Kate...started her career in the nail and beauty industry in 2003 and set up a home salon soon afterwards. She completed her Grand Masters with CND in 2006 and in 2008 was promoted to become a CND Education Ambassador. Kate now runs the CND Gloucestershire Academy alongside her  nail and beauty studio. She teaches all CND classes as well as carrying out 1-2-1 training. During Kate's career she has had the good fortune of working at many exciting events, including London Fashion Week, make-over TV shows, photography shoots for editorial and glossy magazine articles. She also written articles for some leading nail magazines.

"As with many vocations, it is essential to maintain excellent professional standards, and I strongly believe that every one of us involved in this area must remain up to date with the latest techniques,  technology and knowledge of the products that we use on an every day basis".

It is also important that we understand the importance of feedback – I am a strong believer in constructive criticism, which allows us to improve and to develop our skills and techniques to another level – whether this be developing smile lines, blending a tip or improving painting techniques.

I love educating and inspiring students to fulfil their potential; but most of all I want to give others the opportunities, knowledge and confidence that I was fortunate enough to have been provided by my educator. We all have to start somewhere and the sky really is the limit!"

CND Shellac Beginners

Taught at the Cheltenham academy.

During this 2 day course, you will discover and learn the complete CND™ Shellac™ system through theory, practical and home study learning.

LashUS The Lift

Taught at the Cheltenham academy.

With Lash Lifts becoming one of the fastest growing beauty treatments around , and clients looking everywhere for trained technicians isn’t it about time you learned to turn it up and become one of US.

CND SpaManicure

Taught at the Cheltenham academy.

This class is designed for existing nail professionals. You will learn the facts of nail anatomy and how to properly care for the natural nail in greater depth. Discover the causes of nail damage, prevention and repair options.

CND Liquid & Powder Beginners

Taught at the Cheltenham academy.

Over the duration of your 6-day course, we will be discussing and learning how to create beautiful, natural looking nail enhancements using Retention+™ Liquid and Powder in order to protect, strengthen and lengthen your future client's nails.

CND Shellac Conversion

Taught at the Cheltenham academy.

Convert to CND™ Shellac™ system in 1 day and be well equipped to provide your client's with the world's most wanted manicure.

Ultimate Nail Art Course

Taught at the Sales Force - Education academy.

Featuring Lecente and :YOURS learn how to create the WOW factor with Nail inspired looks from NY, London, Milan and Paris Fashion week.