Perfect French with CND Liquid & Powder

Perfect French with CND Liquid & Powder

Learn 3 different methods how to create fabulous French Nail Enhancements with CND™ Liquid and Powder system.


1 day

Deposit - £10+VAT/€12- Paid at the time of booking.
Remaining Balance - £85/€102 - Paid 2 weeks before the start date.

Please note: CND™ Liquid & Powder Beginners or Conversion qualification is required.

Sculpting Forever French enhancements do not have to be difficult. During this class, you will perfect your application skills, learn new tricks and tips and leave the class with a love for French Enhancements.

A detailed description of what is covered on the day:
You will discover and perfect Classic CND™ Zone Sculpting, Reverse French Technique, refresh and refine your skills on proper nail plate preparation, product control, product application and finishing technique.

Additional Information:

The training course runs from 10 am to 4.30 pm with a 45 min lunch break.

A full CND™ Liquid & Powder Kit is needed:
Products required – CoolBlue™, CuticleAway™, ScrubFresh™, Spray Bottle, OfflyFast™, Kanga™File, Koala™Buffer, HotShot™File, Boomerang™Buffer, Glossing Block™ or Glossing Buffer™, Manicure Tools, Tip Cutter, Lint Free Pads, Birchwood Sticks, Remover Wraps, CND Performance Sculpting Forms, Velocity™ Tips, Adhesive, SolarOil™, Sculpting Brush No8 or No10, Retention+™ Sculpting Liquid, Perfect Color™ Warm Opaque Pink Powder, Perfect Color™ White Powder, Retention+™ Clear Powder, 2 dampen dishes, paper towels, table towel.

A model is required from 11.00 am to 4.30 pm.

Please bring along a pen and paper.

Upon successful completion of the course, a CND™ certificate is given. 

All prices are subject to VAT and monies paid are non-transferrable and non-refundable.