CND Brisa Gel Master Qualification

CND Brisa Gel Master Qualification

CND™ Brisa™ Gel Master Qualification is a 1-day assessment based course. CND™ Education Ambassador will assess your practical techniques, removal skills and your technical knowledge level by written assessment.



CND Gel Master Qualification 

1 day

£95.00 + VAT /€114.00

Deposit - £10+VAT/€12 - Paid at the time of booking.
Remaining Balance - £85/€102 - Paid 2 weeks before the start date. 

Please note: CND™ Brisa™ Gel Beginners or Conversion qualification, Perfect French with Brisa™ Gel, Nail Enhancement Maintenance, Brisa™ Gel Glitter & Ombre Courses are required to be completed prior to Master Qualification.


Have you come to a stage in your career where you desire to prove the quality of your work and depth of knowledge? 

Are you ready to increase your prices armed with the evidence of the premium level of services you provide?

Take the challenge! Push yourself out of your comfort zone!


A detailed description of what is covered on your course:
You will create benchmark nails that will be assessed by your CND™ Education Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to fine tune your skills ready for your assessment.. You will sit a written assessment in the morning and complete a full set of CND™ Brisa™ Gel Nail Enhancements in the afternoon. 

Model is required with both hands free of product.

Class runs from 10 am to 4.30 pm with two 30 min breaks.


Additional Information:
A full CND™ Liquid & Powder Kit is needed:
Products required – CoolBlue™, CuticleAway™, ScrubFresh™, Spray Bottle, OfflyFast™, d.sperse, Kanga™File, Koala™Buffer, Blizzard™File, Boomerang™Buffer, Manicure Tools, Tip Cutter, Lint Free Pads, Birchwood Sticks, Remover Wraps, CND™ Clear Performance Sculpting Forms, Clear Velocity™ Tips, Adhesive, SolarOil™, Gel Brush No6, CND LED™ Lamp, Brisa™ Bond, Brisa™ Clear Sculpting Gel, Brisa™ Gel Warm Pink Semi-Sheer Sculpting gel, Brisa™ Pure White Sculpting Gel, Brisa™ Paint, Brisa™ Gloss™, paper towels, table towel.

**Due to government guidelines please ensure you bring the appropriate PPE equipment for you and your model if applicable.*

Upon successful completion of the course, a CND™Master certificate and CND™ Master Artist Badge are given. 


Call our super helpful CX team to book you place now on (UK) 0333 000 7000 or (Ireland) 01 408 9191

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All prices are subject to VAT and monies paid are non-transferrable and non-refundable.


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