Nimue Super Fluids

Nimue Super Fluids

For the skin expert… providing the ultimate in professional treatment customisation.

Nimue Super Fluids Education

For the skin expert… providing the ultimate in professional treatment customisation.

We are very excited to welcome you to the next phase of our educational journey with Nimue Skin Technology.  Our second online education and assessment.

During the online education we will be expanding your knowledge and understanding of delivering customisation with Super Fluids. We recommend that you allocate no less than 3 hours to study and watch all of the education materials and complete your assessment.

To be a skin expert, we need to have mastered our skills and our profession.  The skin expert is empowered to take charge in the treatment room and deliver the optimum in customer experience, and in turn, the results that clients expect.

That is why we have introduced the Nimue Super Fluid class online…  Truly taking your professional treatments to the next level at a time and pace convenient to the Therapist.

On successful completion of this course and assessment, you will be qualified to Customise your treatments with Nimue Super Fluids. This will enable you to offer custom treatments to a wider range of clients, whilst achieving the ultimate goal of optimal skin health.

On booking the course via our Customer Experience team on 0333 000 7000 you will receive 3 emails from Sweet Squared.

  1. Booking confirmation e-mail containing a link to view and download the education materials.
  2. A Link to follow to e-sign the online learning adherence document.
  3. A Link to follow for your online assessment, you will need to log into the platform using your account details. 

Required Pre-requisites for the Nimue Super Fluids - Completion and attainment of the Nimue Core Education Theory and Practical.

Recommended to complement the Nimue Super Fluid Education would be the completion of the Nimue Advanced Rejuvenation (35% Glycolic) and the Nimue-SRC Education (but not compulsory) to be able to advance your clients in their skin health journey.

To follow the online education, you will be required to either print off or download the relevant documents listed below:

  • Super Fluid Training Manual
  • Super Fluid Webinar
  • Super Fluid GIF

The E-Learning Process

  1. E-Sign and submit the online learning adherence document
  2. Follow the study guide and download or print off the required documents
  3. Study the training manual, and watch the online training GIF and webinar
  4. Follow the link to the assessment, complete in the allocated time

In order to pass the Super Fluid online education, you must complete the online timed assessment.  Your result will be revealed at the end of the assessment.

  • Assessments are timed.
  • The pass rate is 90%. You will be allocated 3 assessments at the time of booking.
  • Should you not pass the assessment on the third attempt, you should contact Sweet Squared who will put you in touch with an Educator to discuss and make a plan of action for supporting you in passing the assessment.

On successful completion of the assessment the restriction for Nimue Super Fluids will be lifted on your Sweet Squared account, allowing you to order the product online and over the phone.

No Nimue Super Fluids may be ordered from Sweet Squared until the assessment has been passed and the online adherence document has been e-signed and submitted.

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