LE Beginners

LE Beginners

This 3 day course is designed for the absolute beginner in Gel Enhancements. Master how to use all 6 of the Lexy Line hard gels and create stunningly beautiful nail enhancements that will elevate your nail business to the next level!

Learn how to become a Light Elegance Nail Enhancement Technician in just 3 days with a kit worth over £560//€672 that includes the LE DOT.

The Light Elegance Beginners course will provide you with the fundamental techniques that will assist you on your journey in creating perfect enhancement services.

Learn the difference between all of the 6 different Lexy Line hard gels allowing you the nail professional the complete control and creativity to achieve the perfect nail every time.

By incorporating the Lexy Line into your services you can add structure, create nails of any length and shape and build beautiful nails that last over 4 weeks. With a pink for every skin tone the Lexy Line is designed to suit every skin type and style.

You'll get an introduction to the amazing high performance LE Gel colours, glitter gels and the advanced technology of the Buttercreams. You'll learn how to create the latest, on trend, most attractive nail art that will literally blow your clients minds!

Light Elegance Beginners Course

3 days (2 consecutive days together, 1 final assessment day approx 2 weeks later, model required)

£545.00 + VAT / €654.00 - including LE DOT Lamp and Lexy Line Pro Kit worth over £560//€672

Deposit - £245+VAT/€294 - Paid at the time of booking.
Remaining Balance - £300/€360 - Paid 2 weeks before the start date.


What is covered during your three day course:

  • Meet the Products​
  • Learn the LE application techniques​
  • Prepare the Nail ​
  • Extend on a Tip​
  • Extend on a Form​
  • Understand Structure ​
  • File Finishing ​
  • Natural Nail Overlay​
  • Decoration Options ​
  • Rebalance & Removal 
  • Practical Assessment
  • Home Studies/Case Studies 

Additional Information:

A link to both the Light Elegance Pre Read and Light Elegance training Manual will be  sent to you in you via email. You will need to download and revise the Pre Read before your course and complete the online assessment required pass rate of 70% to be achieved. 

The training course runs from 9am to 5pm with a 45 min lunch break.

Please attend the course with both hands free from any product, you will be required to work on yourself and your nail trainer which is included in your education kit during day 1 and day 2. This will be waiting for you at your academy on day 1 of your training. You will be required to bring a model on day 3 of your training course to carry out your final practical assessments. You will be also required to stubmit case studies and complete practical home study which must be completed within 4 weeks of your course start date. All this information will be shared with you on day 1 of your training course. 


Light Elegance Beginners Education kit items include - 

LE DOT, LE Lint Free wipes, Tack, Super Shiny, Powerbond, Lexy Line Natural Fiber, Clear Extreme, Pink Builder, French Tip, Perfect White, Clear 1-Step, Soft Pink Extreme, LE Cleanser, LE Forms, LE Files- Foamie, Perfect File 100/180 & Lexy File 180/240, LE Cuticle Pusher, LE Duster Brush, LE Cuticle Pusher, Tip Cutter, Your Churn Buttercream, Diamond Glitter Gel, Double Scoop Color Gel, LE Gel brush size #4 & #6, Brush on nail glue, Selection of LE tips, Birchwood Manicure Stick, LE cuticle oil, Sanitizing Hand Gel. Marketing materials, LE Double-sided A3, LE Window Cling, Client record and Appointment cards and a Nail Trainer.

Please note all kits are subject to change.

**Due to government guidelines please ensure you bring the appropriate PPE equipment for you and your model if applicable.**

Upon successful completion of this course, a Light Elegance certificate will be awarded.

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All prices are subject to VAT and monies paid are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

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