The newest generation of enhancements is here...

CND ™ PLEXIGEL is an all-in one, multi-problem solving, enhancement system, that safely lengthens, shapes, builds and protects for 3 + weeks performance

Want to learn more about how CND ™ PLEXIGEL can work for you and your clients?

Join one of our FREE INTRODUCTION TO CND ™ PLEXIGEL with CND™ Educator Victoria Trafford.


Victoria will be covering:

Introduction to the full CND™ PLEXIGEL system, PREP, Application, Rebalance & Removal. Plus, answering all your questions!

Backed by science and rooted in nail health, CND™ PLEXIGEL is researched, formulated and manufactured by CND™ in the USA


At the beginning of each meeting, we will ask for all cameras to be turned off and mics muted.

Webinar times are as follows:

Wednesday 14th April 6pm-8pm

Sunday 25th April 6pm-8pm

**Please be aware the webinars are not confirmation of training or education and are for support purposes only.A digital certificate of attendance will be provided. To book please follow the online booking link on each date.**

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