Nailtalk, 64 Eastfield Road, Burnham, SL1 7PF

LashUS The Lift

Taught by Pamela Rohlf.

With Lash Lifts becoming one of the fastest growing beauty treatments around , and clients looking everywhere for trained technicians isn’t it about time you learned to turn it up and become one of US.

CND Shellac Beginners

Taught by Pamela Rohlf.

During this 2 day course, you will discover and learn the complete CND™ Shellac™ system through theory, practical and home study learning.

CND SpaPedicure

Taught by Pamela Rohlf.

The pedicure conversion class is designed for existing pedicure professionals who have been trained with other brands. This 1-day class will introduce you to award-winning CND™ SpaPedicure™ products.

CND Shellac Conversion

Taught by Pamela Rohlf.

Convert to CND™ Shellac™ system in 1 day and be well equipped to provide your client's with the world's most wanted manicure.